How is everybody doing?

Hello, how is everybody doing on the internet? I haven’t been updating my blog because I’ve been so busy lately with work. Anyway, I found this video on YouTube, it’s an old video that I uploaded a while back and I thought I’d share with you guys. This is me speaking at Canterbury School. I hope you like it.

Avenues Minimester

This is a scene from Avenues Middle School Minimester event called Dinner Lab.

Good evening and welcome to Dinner Lab Avenues. We are joining you tonight as part of something called Minimester. A week in the middle school where every student chooses a morning and afternoon course to explore and discover new things. This course
is called Dinner Lab led by the amazing Dinner Lab team and our wonderful teacher, Ms. Wolliner.

Right now we’re at our 2nd seating of Dinner Lab so we have about 80 guests in the room right now and they’re having a black forest meal cooked by a very accomplished chef Casey Wilcox, he came in from Austin. And they have spent all day in our kitchen with our students, preparing the food .

“I didn’t think we’re gonna spend like the whole day here trying to prepare like the chairs and the tables, I thought that would take like maybe 20 minutes to do the whole thing. But I was very wrong and pretty surprised.

Dinner Lab team has in been here every day for Minimester and they’ve been coaching the kids on “how to set up a pop up dinner”
so on Monday they learned about the business, they learned about the model.

“Every dinner is in a different location with a different chef and different people so basically it’s like a restaurant that happens for one night”

Tuesday they learned how to prep food. And food safety.

“We’re here with the kids this week and we’re gonna show them from start to finish really how a Dinner Lab takes place.

So each of the student is assigned to a Dinner Lab staff member and they are shadowing them for the night. So some are assistant chefs, some are servers, some are hosts, some are on the cook line and they stick with it the whole night and they help them with all their tasks.

“I was in the kitchen, the back of the house, so I shadowed one of the chefs, we were in the back of the kitchen making barley and, and I just skinned the fish and my hands still smell like fish”

“My jobs were expediter line cook, I did some plating. Working with the chef was great. I mean he’s such anice guy so it’s really great to sort of shadow him for a little, help him out, sort to see what dishes he was making and how he was prepping stuff and I learned some really great tips just watching by watching him and I think it’s the most professional atmosphere I’ve ever been in.

It was kind of fun for them to trust us and not treat us like children. Take us seriously.

It’s been super fun being at the school all day. It’s really nice and refreshing to see these guys and how much they know and care about food. And how responsive they are….

They’re working really hard….for all these kids that are interested in food, in restaurant business, in start-ups, in event-planning
this is the prefect opportunity to see something from start to finish and be central in all that.